Answers to Questions Most Hair Unit Specialists Don't Answer 

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[Marvin Garcia]


Age: 32

Getting Comfortable with the Man Weave Process

Hair units AKA 'man weave' is relatively new, new to the industry and especially new to you. With anything that Is new or unfamiliar, it naturally creates a lot of questions, uncertainty and maybe even a bit of confusion. 

We tend to turn to a company website for more info, Find the FAQ section or ring up and ask a hundred questions, but there’s one problem with the answers we get. They are usually answered by the company themselves. 

If you are interested in getting a hair unit you have probably run into the same issue. What you really want is answers from someone who has been through or is going through the experience of wearing a Hair unit and not the possible biased answers of the Hair unit specialist

This is why we have gotten hold of a client of ours. we sat down with a hair unit wearer of 2 years to answer some questions some hair unit specialists tend not to readily answer. This will hopefully allow you to get some of those burning questions you have answered and make you feel a bit more comfortable with the process. 

The questions are what we have found to be more uncommonly asked, for answers to Frequently asked questions please see our FAQ Page

About [Marvin]

I started seeing signs of balding from the ages of 14-15, Going bald when you’re young is terrifying. Firstly, it makes no sense. “Don’t old guys go bald?” you think to yourself. I really shouldn’t be losing this much hair. I remember when someone first mentioned that I had a receding hairline. I was probably around 17 at the time. It really dented my confidence. I’m 32 now and up until a few years ago I had just accepted defeat, I shaved my head bald and wore hats most of the time, I was embarrassed by my lack of hair.

When I first saw units being done, I was a little bit sceptical and unsure, but plucked the courage to try my first one. I got a flight from Charlotte to Baltimore to get one done soon after. (A couple of years ago it wasn’t easy to find a local specialist) The process was simple and easy, I went with a low 2-4 week unit the first time, but since then I have experimented with a lot of different styles and hair pieces. I had a lot of questions which would have made the decision so much easier had I had the answers. So hopefully this interview will help any one that sees my answers...

Here Are The 7 Questions

1. Does it itch at all?


For the most part no, but it can sometimes. You're usually good for the first two weeks or so, then some itching can start. It’s a sign that your hair is growing underneath, not necessarily meaning anything negative

2. Can it smell?


Again for the most part it doesn’t, if you're super active and sweat a lot that can influence the smell of the unit, and obviously what, if any product you put in may produce different smells. (certain units you can add product, others you cannot) 

3. Can the unit be washed?


Yes it can be taken off and washed, I go back to my specialist every  3-4 weeks where he removes the unit and washes it. Then trims the regrowth underneath and then reapplies the unit and neatens the edge up. 

4. Can it last longer than what the barbers say?


I have in the past kept my unit longer than the suggested amount of time, so yes it can last longer. But the longer you do have it on, trust me the more it looks like a unit and not your natural hair. So, keep that in mind 

5. How about working out?


I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, with a pretty intense workout each time. This has never really affected my has stayed in place with no damage by sweat. That being said I don’t sweat a whole lot so this may be different for you if you are a heavy sweater

6. Do you have to wear a shower cap when showering to protect the unit?


Yes, I usually shower with a cap, just to avoid excess water getting on the hair 

7. How was the actual process?


The process was super easy, not much different than a regular cut. Only it takes a while you can be in the chair for around 2 hours, so patience is key. Trust me it’s worth it

Bonus Question!

How has your experience been with

The guys have been great, Honestly. They have Connected me with a specialist that's local to me, that is professional and does amazing work and have allowed me to feel confident throughout what can be a daunting process. Thank you!

We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Marvin, we are so glad we could help.

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