Beards are here to stay, and it seems some North Texas men are going to interesting lengths to keep up with the beard trend.

There’s a beard for every face at Frederick Johnson’s barbershop in Grand Prairie, known as “Sipp the Surgeon”. And now he said it’s just as much about Pharmacy hand-delivers drugs to Congress, a perk for the powerful order buy trenbolone acetate online inside a drug pricing contract what’s on a man’s face as it is about what’s on his head.

“The bigger the beard, the bigger you’re going to feel on that throne,” said Johnson. In his barbershop, beards are everywhere and there’s a demand for beard care.

“Beard hair gets very coarse and curly in comparison to your own hair, so the beard is dry and it’s hard to tame beard hair,” said Johnson.

So men come to his shop for beard maintenance and beard care, even beard weaves. Now he said there’s a new trend coming up — lace front beards.

Lace beard front

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“It’s not actually your real beard that people think they’re getting, it’s beard hair that’s attached to a lace beard front,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the beard front is glued on with adhesive and blended into someone’s beard for a more natural look. He added the process can take hours, depending on how much hair one wants to cover. “It can go anywhere from three days of wearing it to a month of wearing it.”

For men like Joseph Taylor, beard weaves are the way to go. Taylor said he bought his beard weave to make himself feel like a “stud muffin” and for “the beard to be big, real big.”

Taylor said he’s glad he spent the money on getting the hair weave because now that it’s added into