Reasons Men are Choosing the "Man Weave" to Restore Their Hair As Well As Their Confidence

Getting Comfortable with the Man Weave Process

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Men all over the world have been adopting man weaves at a blazingly fast rate in recent years. The general men grooming industry is said to be worth $81 billion, and the use of men weaves fast, becoming a significant driver of that industry. The reasons for this are, however, not far-fetched.

Balding is not something that men look forward to, but unfortunately, it is something that most men must face. It is on record that almost 80% of men will encounter some form of balding in their lifetime.

When it sets in, balding is usually not pretty. You feel a crucial part of your appearance now has a problem and start to lose your confidence. The baldness can be so obvious that it singles you out in a group, obviously not for attractive reasons.

More importantly, you start to feel much older than your actual age. Have you been in that state where you have to avoid a high school reunion or wear an unflattering hat to an old friend's birthday simply because you don't want acquaintances guessing your age?

Some might even sympathize with you and diagnose that you must have been under "a lot of stress lately. Sadly, for several men globally, balding is setting in way early in their youth.

You may have been forced to resort to gimmicks and tricks just to avoid "awkward" situations. You may be so "shy" that he has to put on caps or hats not because you fancy them but because they have become obviously "necessary."

The combination of all these factors and more is causing men to spend huge sums of money on various solutions every year. Unfortunately, many of these options are not good enough as they may be detrimental to your health. A number of them involve surgery, which can lead to an entirely new set of problems.

All of these can be overwhelming. You want to fix your balding problem and regain a huge part of your person back. At the same time, the procedures that can help you get that back are riddled with complications that can throw you into another set of problems.

You, however, don't have to be in this dilemma as there is an actionable solution. Do you want to feel confident again with restored hair, but you don't want to incur the financial burden and the health risks resulting from pills or surgery?

Then, your solution is what is known as man weave.

What are [Man Weaves?]

Otherwise called cranial prosthesis, the man weave involves a hair replacement process that is non-surgical. During the process, hair follicles expertly attached to a base are installed to your hair to give a seamless, natural look. This may take a very long time to happen.

Rather than implanting hair follicles during hair transplant surgery, the use of men weaves involves no penetration of your skin hence no health risks.

A seamless man weave is flawlessly installed on your head in just a few hours, and you can resume normal living with a youthful glow.

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5 Reasons Men are opting for Man Weaves

Men weaves have come to change the game of fixing baldness. They do this by eradicating the shortcomings of other options and presenting men with a well-rounded solution.

The top 5 Reasons men are going for the Man weave option include the below:

1. Restore's your Confidence


Have you been matching all your outfits with a hat to cover any bald spots? Do you feel less attractive and bold when amongst other people? You don't have to spend your life hiding.

While many men don't want to admit it for obvious reasons, balding does a lot of damage to most men's confidence and self-esteem. It simply does not make many men attractive and can even create undesirable impressions.

All genders suffer this plight, but females have long discovered the secrets of weaves, and its effectiveness is evident.

Now men also have a way out. With man weaves, you get to choose the look you want based on your style and budget. In no time, you eliminate this huge problem and become your confident self once more.


2. Quick and Easy to Install


One fact that cannot be debated is that no other solution beats man weaves in the level of ease it takes to install.

Many hours have to be put into planning some weeks before the actual surgery is carried out in more common surgeries. After the procedure, the patient may have to spend more hours or even days in the clinic.

Then, they have to spend some time indoors or essentially away from the public to enable the wound to heal enough to resume going to the outside world.

Then, it will take some weeks or months for the "patient" to start seeing actual results. During these months, they may need to visit the clinic on scheduled appointments, or in cases of complications, unscheduled ones.

In short, the process is so cumbersome that many don't bother starting at all.

For the alternative treatment options such as pills, patients will wake for a long time to see the onset of real changes.

You can, however, save yourself these stress and long periods of wait by cutting all of them short through man weaves.

3. You get a "Natural" Look


In the past, we used to think that balding would always leave a permanent mark on everyone who experiences it, no matter the type of cure they go for. And this was true with many other forms of treatment.

Your hair won't be fully restored to its former glory with most other options, like hair implants and pills. There may be patches of baldness still peeking through as these options take time.

To regain your confidence and get the precise look you desire, your best bet is a man weave.

A man weave blends in almost like your natural hair to the extent that it looks quite undetectable.

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We all know that surgeries are expensive, but since they are non-essential, the cost of hair transplant surgeries can be exorbitant. Even after this, you have to keep attending the hospital on further appointments, which means there are still more fees that you have to pay.

The other seemingly effective cures, such as pills, are also not affordable since you have to be using them every other month.

However, you can avoid all of these by just going with a man weave. It is considerably affordable compared to other options and durable when maintained properly.

You can spend the excess sum that would have otherwise gone to these procedures on some things such as a treat for yourself and loved ones. Or you can contribute some more to your retirement account.



Imagine pointing out exactly what you want your hair to look like and getting the same result! That's what you are entitled to with man weaves.

With other solutions, you do not get to choose how your hair appearance will be. You just go with what "comes out." However, this is not the case with man weaves.

With men weaves, it seems you are given a choice to decide how you will look.

Men weave are so versatile that they come in different styles, qualities, and textures. Did you use to like buns but rapid balding deprived you of that? Then, men weaves are your perfect fix as they come in all sorts of hair textures. From afro to Caucasian, you get to decide how what hair texture best suits your look.

Now, what should you do?

Men weaves are the ultimate non-invasive "cure" to the age-old problem of balding. Getting your man weave installed is surprisingly not complicated like other treatment options are.

All you need do is request a free consultation today to check your eligibility and you will  be on your way to getting your dream look.

Don't sleep on your glow-up; invest in yourself today.


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