5 Reasons Men are Choosing man weave to Restore Their Hair As Well As Their Confidence

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5 Reasons Men In Tampa are Choosing the “Man Weave” to Restore Their Hair As Well As Their Confidence

5 Reasons Men are Choosing the “Man Weave” to Restore Their Hair As Well As Their Confidence

Men all over the world have been adopting man weaves at a blazingly fast rate in recent years. The general male grooming industry is said to be worth $81 billion, and the use of men weaves is fast becoming a significant driver of the industry. When you consider the benefits of man weaves, it is easy to understand why it is a growing part of the male grooming industry. Some of these benefits of, and the reasons behind the popularity of man weaves are:

  1. They provide an easy and cost-effective solution for hair loss and can be done by the wearer at home or with a specialist. All without having to spend money on expensive prescriptions or treatments.
  2. The benefits of man weaves include improved self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Man weaves allow wearers to switch between different looks and styles without having to visit a salon each time.
  4. Man weaves often provide the same great results as expensive and difficult hair replacement procedures.
  5. Man weaves are, by far, much more convenient than a medical hair transplant toupee or taking medications.

Most men will start balding at some point in their life

​If you are a man who has been experiencing hair loss, then you will know that it is not something to be taken lightly. It can affect the way you see yourself, reducing your self-confidence and self-esteem. Hair loss may also affect the way others see you as well. Traditional treatments for hair loss such as surgery and medications, come with risks or side effects. Man weaves, however, are completely side effect free and they remove the need to go through an invasive and expensive surgical procedure or the expense and hassle of taking medication. Man weaves open up a world of options for men to create the exact image and appearance they want without anyone else being able to tell. It is a fantastic way to regain your self-esteem and rebuild your confidence, especially if you are experiencing hair loss at an earlier age than typical. Many men experience hair loss so you are not alone in this battle. With man weaves, a full head of hair can be yours in just a few hours. It’s a hair restoration method that is easy and affordable, allowing you to invest in your appearance and not worry about the financial burden of surgery or buying hair growth products. Request a free man weave Consultation from a Tampa based specialist here

What is a Man Weave Hair system

The man weave, also known as a cranial prosthesis, is a non-surgical hair replacement system that can be installed in just a few hours. It is a base unit with hair follicles (synthetic or human) professionally attached to it. It can then be installed on your scalp with an adhesive formulated for this purpose. Installing a man weave typically takes 2-3 hours. When expertly installed, a man weave gives a natural and realistic hair style that is virtually indistinguishable from the hair that grows from your own scalp. Unlike some other methods, the use of man weaves does not involve penetration into your skin, which removes the risks associated with these methods.

Man weaves are comfortable to wear and may be customized to your specifications. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to contact us at the number listed on this page.

5 Reasons Men are opting for Man Weaves

Man weaves have completely transformed the way we think about hair replacement. They make treating baldness more accessible, affordable, and convenient for those who experience hair loss and balding. Everyone has their own reason for choosing a man weave as their hair replacement solution, but the top 5 reasons are:

  • Restores confidence
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Provides a natural look
  • Cost effectiveness
  • The versatility of men weaves makes it possible to switch between different looks and styles


Do you feel less attractive and confident because of hair loss? Does hair loss caused you to become less social? You don’t have to spend your life hiding. While many men won’t readily admit it, balding does a lot of damage to the confidence and self-esteem of those who go through it. And it’s not just men. All genders suffer this plight, but women have been wearing weaves and extensions for years and years and are much more familiar with quick, cost-effective hair replacement solutions. Now men have options. With man weaves, you get to choose the look you want based on your style and budget. You hair loss issue is eliminated in no time and with your confidence restored, you can stop hiding from the world or hiding under your hat.


One fact that cannot be debated is that no other hair loss solution comes close to man weaves when it comes to ease of installation. Surgical hair loss solutions can require weeks or months of planning and preparation. There is also recovery time required after the surgery both in and out of the hospital or clinic. Add to that the wait time before results become visible and you could be waiting several months, without saying anything about the risks associated with surgeries. In short, the process is so cumbersome and costly and if not a viable solution for many of the men who are searching for a solution for their hair loss. Other hair loss treatments such as pills, also take a long time to produce results. They are costly and having to take pills daily is not something most people look forward to. Man weaves provide results in as little as 2-3 hours and are inexpensive especially when compared to other hair replacement solutions. Man weaves eliminate the stress of waiting and the risks associated with surgeries and medications, because, let’s face it, the last thing you want to have to experience while losing your hair, is more stress. Find out if a man weave is the solution for you with a free consultation


A man weave blends in almost like your natural hair, which is the reason it is almost totally undetectable. Man weaves are made with real human hair which makes them more realistic than wigs or other synthetic alternatives. This means there are no tell-tale signs that are visible when you are wearing synthetic wigs and toupees.

If you are experiencing hair loss, now is the time to find out if man weaves may be right for you. Your new look and self confidence are just a few clicks away with a free consultation.


The cost of hair transplant surgery and ongoing treatments for receding hairlines can be exorbitant, but men can find a more affordable option: Man Weave. Men typically pay $250-$750 for installation, which is considerably less than the $12,000+ it costs to undergo a full hair replacement procedure. Since Man Weaves are durable when maintained properly, you won’t have to worry about wearing out or damaging your investment with repetitive wear and tear.


Imagine pointing out exactly what you want your hair to look like and getting the same result! This can be your reality with man weaves.

With some other hair loss solutions, you do not get to choose how your hair appearance will be. You just go with what “comes out.” However, with man weaves, you can completely customize your new look.

Man weaves are versatile and can be cut into different styles. From braids and dreads to fades, low caesers and man buns, there is little limit to what can be done.

Their versatility continues with the hair texture available. There are options to suit any ethnicity with options for straight, curly, kinky, or wavy hair. This means that you have the freedom to decide which texture most suits your look best!

Now, what should you do?

Men weaves are the ultimate non-invasive “cure” to the age-old problem of balding. Getting your man weave installed is surprisingly uncomplicated like other treatment options are.

All you need to do is request a free consultation today. Find out if a man weave is right for you and be on your way to look of your dreams.

Don’t sleep on your glow-up; invest in yourself today.

Rediscover your confidence

Find a trusted hair replacement specialist

Rediscover your confidnce

Find a trusted hair replacement specialist

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