Coconut Oil for Hair Loss: Does It Really Help?

Coconut oil is good for hair loss


Picture the scene. You’re a young man in your twenties with a full head of shiny, thick locks. Then one day you look into the mirror and discover that your hair is thinning, becoming patchy and losing its lustre. It’s enough to play havoc with your self-esteem.

From out experience at over the years it’s a reality that many men in their twenties have to face, even if they’re genetically blessed with a full head of hair. In some cases, it might be caused by sporting activities such as long distance cycle rides or repeated tennis playing which can lead to fatigue and hormone imbalances; but often there is no clear cause.

What can be done about it? Go under the surgeon’s knife and have a hair transplant? Take a daily cocktail of drugs that may or may not work, but may also have side effects down the line? Or try to find another solution which doesn’t involve expensive chemicals or clinical procedures?

coconut oil for hair growth

Well, there’s now a fairly simple solution which is completely natural, affordable and available in any supermarket or pharmacy. And it can be used not just for hair loss but to tackle greying hair too. It involves coconut oil, an oil that has been gaining popularity over the past few years thanks in part to the claims of its healing properties being so wide-ranging that you can use it to treat everything from dry skin to dandruff.

Now this is starting to sound suspiciously like an advertorial, but there are some fairly well-established medical benefits of coconut oil for hair loss sufferers. The oil contains a high level of lauric acid – an essential fatty acid that helps to bind proteins in the hair, keeping them strong and preventing breakage.

Dr Becker, a US-based dermatologist, recommends coconut oil for conditions ranging from psoriasis to herpes. “With regard to psoriasis I’ve had several patients report complete clearing of their lesions after using either pure coconut oil or a product called Aderma,” he says. “For conditions of fungal origin I recommend the application of coconut oil twice daily for at least two weeks.”

Dr Burney, who often takes to YouTube to explain some of his more unusual treatments, agrees with Dr Becker. “Coconut oil is a traditional remedy used for many different purposes,” he explains on one of his videos.

This is the point where you should start to notice a distinct lack of scientific evidence to back up these claims if you read around coconut oil for hair loss. On the other hand, there are plenty of people in online forums (yes it’s true) who sing its praises when it comes to concealing regrowth or preventing further loss.

So if you’re looking for a simple and affordable natural hair loss treatment that won’t break the bank – and doesn’t involve daily chemical injections – then it may be worth giving coconut oil a try. It’s available from health food stores and even some supermarkets (try Tesco). Just be sure to read up on how to use it properly.

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