Covering Up Bald Spots

Bald spot on mans head
Bald spot on mans head



For the most part, bald spots are unavoidable. Throughout the years, just about everyone will experience thinning. It will usually happen on the sides of their head or on the crown.

Remember, you don’t have to accept your hair going thin. Men of all ages don’t like bald spots. Men’s confidence levels can take a hit when they start to go bald.

The good news is there are a few things you can do about bald spots. This includes masking it, covering it up or disguising it. Sometimes you might be able to regrow the hair back.

Reasons Why You Have Bald Spots

Androgenic alopecia is typically the main cause of bald spots. Androgenic alopecia is the most common reasons for why men’s hairlines recede. It’s also the main reason for hair thinning, and for crowns to become bald.

There is a lot more to learn about androgenic alopecia. Basically, hair follicles stop growing due to an imbalance of DHT. When 
hair follicles stop growing, then bald spots can start to appear.

Some men will start to show symptoms of hair loss early on in their life. However, it can start occurring much later in life. There is no common age for when men can start losing their hair.

Mental and/or physical stress can sometimes cause hair loss. Autoimmune conditions can lead to losing hair, and so can physical damage to hair. However, all of those are considered to be not common causes.

The previously discussed conditions can’t be cured, but in many cases they can be improved and reversed. As for treating bald spots, there are several solutions out there. This includes medications, cosmetics, tattooing, transplants and hair pieces to name a few.

What option you should choose depends on several factors. This includes the reason for the hair loss and what your lifestyle is like. Also, you’ll want to speak with a medical professional if you’re considering using any hair loss treatment.

Tips For Covering Up And Disguising Bald Spots

Style Your Hair Differently
Styling your hair differently is one of the easiest ways to cover up bald spots. Also, the process you use to style your hair might affect how your bald spots look. This includes everything you do from washing your hair to blow drying it to cutting it and things of that nature. What you can do is blow dry your hair as soon as you’re out of the shower, or you can have your barber style your hair differently.

Regrow Your Hair
Everyone looks for a way to regrow there hair or to undo the balding process altogether. There are a number of things you can do to try to regrow your hair. This includes using prescriptions designed to stimulate growth.

Finasteride is a product that has been formulated to block DHT. This is a hormone that is linked to hair loss. More specially, DHT is linked to hair loss that is caused by androgenic alopecia.

There is research out there that suggests that using finasteride daily can reduce DHT levels by over 60%. This can result in slowing down baldness. In some cases, it may reverse male pattern baldness.

There are studies out there that show 
minoxidil can stimulate hair growth in as little as 48 weeks. If you’re nearly bald, and have a lot of thinning hair, then minoxidil might be worth using because your hair may grow back thick enough to hide the bald spot. You might be surprised at how well you’ll be able to disguise baldness once your hair starts growing back.

There are also supplements that you can use that don’t require a prescription. One of these supplements is called Saw Palmetto. The supplement fights 
DHT levels, and it might be extremely effective if you use it with a prescription like finasteride.

Bear in mind that Saw Palmetto can be found in various types of shampoos. These shampoos will usually include other ingredients that are good for the hair. These ingredients may include biotin. When 
choosing a shampoo , make sure you look at the ingredients because ideally you want to choose a shampoo that contains ingredients that may help slow the thinning down.

Other Tips & Advice

bald spot on crown

Before buying any product, check the before and after photos from customers who have used it. This includes if you’re thinking about using a prescription product. It’s worth noting that a healthcare provider has to decide whether or not to prescribe medication. Also, bear in mind that individual results do vary, so just because someone had great results does not mean you’ll achieve the same results

Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation offers many advantages. It can be done to permanently fill in color where there is thinning, or it can be done where the results are semi-permanent. If you only have mild baldness, then this treatment option might be the best one for you. Weigh the pros and cons of scalp pigmentation before deciding whether or not to have it done.

Topical Concealer

Topical concealers are also known as camouflaging products. They are designed to mask your bald spot, but your hair won’t grow back. Hair building fibers is one of the most commonly used topical concealers. When you use the concealer, then your hair will look thicker.

Another product you can try is a scalp spray thickener. Also, there are masking lotions that work well. You apply the lotion to your scalp, and then your hair will appear thicker.


Mens Wigs and hair pieces can be attached to your hair. In turn, your hair will look much fuller and thicker. If you want a less time-consuming option, then opt to use turbans, hats and scarves.

Embrace Being Bald

Finally, you can simply embrace being bald. Many men find that they are not that confident when they begin losing their hair, but you can try embracing it. In fact, there are many celebrity icons that are bald, and this includes Bruce Wills and The Rock.

The bald look can take awhile to get used to. However, as time goes by you might end up liking this new look. Many men are surprised at how good they feel and look when they embrace being bald.

Learn More About Make Pattern Baldness

You should consider learning more about male pattern baldness. The more you know, the better the idea you’ll get of which treatment options you should try. Educating yourself is one of the best things you can do.
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Bear in mind that you might have underlying problems if your hair started to thin very suddenly or from out of nowhere. Losing hair is part of the ageing process, but it can also be a sign that there are underlying causes that could be linked to blood pressure, diet and stress to name a few. You’ll want to speak with a medical professional if you have been experiencing rapid changes.

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