What is a Hair unit/Man Weave?

A hair unit otherwise known as a man weave, is new age hair piece designed to restore or replace hair lost through balding, thinning, or other hair loss conditions.
Hair units can be made from human hair as well as synthetic hair 

Is there any surgical procedure involved?

The installation requires no surgery at all

How long will Hair units Last?

There are a few types of hair units available, some hair units last 2-4 weeks with other Hair units lasting 3-6 months approximately. The greater care taken with your unit, the longer it will last. Please consult your specialist to choose a unit that is right for you and for in depth after care instructions.

How long does the man weave process take?

The process usually takes between 1-3 hours, depending on the unit installed and styling involved

Do I need to supply anything or buy and bring my own hair

No need, everything is provided by the specialist

Do I need to grow my hair?

In most cases you need to grow the sides of your hair to a certain length before the appointment,
A level 1 and 1/2 is usually preferred, This allows for a natural blend of your hair and the unit.

How much does a man weave cost?

This depends largely on the unit you choose, the length, texture and style Prices vary from $200- $650 for standard units. However can go upwards of that for specialized units such as dreadlock units

Can I get a Hair unit wet?

Exposing the unit to excess water or sweat can loosen the unit so avoiding getting the unit wet is advised. However everyday activities and exercise will be fine. 

What keeps the unit in place?

We use a scalp and skin friendly adhesive to secure the unit in place

Can Women get Hair units too?

Of course! despite the name man weave or hair units can be used to style both men and women's hair