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Welcome to the platform that understands the battle you're facing. Hair loss is the villain that can make us feel like we're losing more than just our hair – it can rob us of our self-esteem, confidence, and the ability to fully embrace life's joys. But the good news? You're not alone in this fight, and there's a solution that goes beyond hair – it's about reclaiming your confidence and finding your stride once again.

The largest Hair unit and hair replacement network. We are proud to offer you skilled hair restoration specialists installing hair units cut and styled to your desire. Hair replacement systems allow the restoration of a full head of hair to men and women that may be balding or losing their hair. Our international roster of specialists are experienced, skilled and versatile.

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"The service connected me with a Professional, discreet and very talented Specialist. Results are amazing! I've been able to get my confidence back instantly after years of hiding under my hat."

-Leo Anderson



  • Non-surgical Procedure
  • Lasts up to 4 months
  • Restores natural look of full head of hair
  • Hair units can be custom and tailored to individual
  • Suitable for all hair textures and ethnicities
  • Complete after care instructions


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What Are Man Weaves?

A hair unit otherwise known as a man weave or man unit, is new age hair piece designed to restore or replace hair lost through balding, thinning, or other hair loss conditions. Hair units can be made from human hair as well as synthetic hair

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Ace Man Weave Units is a network of certified professionals here to help you on your
hair replacement journey. Our network is robust and is continuously expanding to more and more major cities. At Ace, our goal is to bring quality hair replacement services to those who need it by connecting them to reputable service providers.

Men weaves

If you’ve been looking for a solution to your hair loss and are interested in knowing more about weaves for men or SMP and how they could work for you, then look no further. The man weave is a hair loss solution designed to replace hair lost through balding, thinning, alopecia or other hair loss conditions. Also known as hair replacement units or hair systems, man weaves may be made from human or synthetic hair and can be customized to lifestyle and specifications.


Weaves for men are available for all ethnicities, hair textures and price points. This means you are likely to find a man weave to match your budget. We know that hair loss can affect self-confidence and weaves for men are an easy way to reverse the effects of hair loss and help you regain your confidence and style Let one of our talented stylist and barbers at Ace Man Weave Units help you get your confidence back. In just a few hours and without the worry and risk of surgery, a full head of hair could be yours again.


Our global network of professional barbers and stylists have earned us a solid reputation and each member of the Ace network are certified in hair replacement. Our professionals are there for you at every step of your man weave journey. From the initial consultation to providing you with the knowledge to take care of your hair system once it has been installed, an Ace Man member will be there with you. Begin your hair replacement journey with Ace Man Weave Units today.

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