Man Weave vs Hair Transplants in 2022

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The hair industry has been revolutionized in recent years, with many men now debating a man weave versus hair transplants in 2022

There are far more ways for men to address any concerns about their hair these days, but two of the most popular options are man weaves and hair transplants. Both can provide men with fuller, thicker hair while maintaining their hairline.

What Is a Man Weave?

Man weaves are created using either artificial or human hair that is woven into a man’s natural hair to produce a longer, fuller look or to create a specific hairstyle. As fashion trends veer towards the unisex, man weaves have become exponentially popular in the last five years, and many men are taking the plunge to attain a full head of hair through this more affordable approach. With a man weave, the full range of options are available, from straight to wavy, curly, and beyond. In order to keep the weave intact, clip-ons can be used as it allows you to easily apply the weave to sections of your hair. Also, bonding and sealing the hair weave using adhesives attaches hair extensions to your own natural hair.

Man weaves can be worn throughout the day, with micro rings another method commonly used to attach hair extensions to the hair roots. Other popular techniques use nets and nylon lace fronts which serve which act as the base onto which extensions can then be woven. Tracks are more popular as they are longer lasting and faster to create. With hair tracks, your own hair is braided first, then weaves sewn in. This method requires fine, tight braids that must be strong enough to hold the weight of a weave. The standard man weave needs a single track depending on the look you want to achieve.

What Is a Hair Transplant?

As a far more invasive procedure than a hair weave, a hair transplant involves surgery that takes donor hair from the back of the patient’s head and then transplants it to the areas that are receding. There are two techniques used for hair transplants – the FUT and FUE methods. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) removes a strip of scalp that contains hair grafts and then re-positions them to other areas. Alternately it is known as the strip method for this reason. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the least invasive of these two procedures as it leaves minimal scarring and involves removing the hair grafts individually from the scalp and then placing them throughout the scalp using a special tool. Because it requires more precision and reduces the potential for scarring, the FUE procedure is more expensive. Both procedures can run into the thousands of dollars.

The Pros versus The Cons

A man weave is an excellent and economical choice as it protects hair from the damage that is associated with too much styling and chemicals on the hair. With a hair weave, you can straighten it, curl it, whatever you prefer as you reduce damage to your natural hair that lies beneath. For covering up bald spots, you might need more hair to attach weaves, while hair transplants offer a permanent solution to treat male pattern baldness. Time wise, both a hair transplant and a hair weave require quite a few hours to finish. With a hair weave, however, several follow-up sessions at a salon are standard as extensions are changed. Hair transplants may only consist of one procedure done at a clinic or hospital.

Side Effects

Hair weaves must periodically be removed every few months or else a man’s real hair could be damaged. With a hair transplant, however, there are no side effects as it covers bald areas and lasts for several years.

With this knowledge now in mind, men can make an informed decision about which treatment option works best for their lifestyle. offer both

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Rediscover your confidnce

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