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There are a few choices for restoring the look of healthy, full hair. There is hair replacement and there is a new technology called scalp micro pigmentation or SMP. This is growing in popularity because it is a relatively easy way to make it seem like real hair is growing back in the follicles even though it is an illusion. The treatment is being hailed as life-changing but it does have its side effects. Here is a look at the difference and drawbacks of SMP technology for hair restoration.

SMP is an inexpensive alternative to hair transplants. It is commonly referred to as a hair tattoo and is popular with younger men. It works by applying a number of tiny tattoo dots in between hair follicles. This then gives off the appearance of real hair. It sounds cool and it looks that way, too, but wait. There is more to all this.

There have been side effects which people all over the world have complained about. There are some that cannot be overlooked and you should be aware of before making a choice.


Many people are allergic to ink. This results in redness, pain, itching, rashes, and swelling. When allergic reactions to ink happen on the scalp, the reaction is readily visible. It can be covered up using a cap but wearing this sort of thing defeats the purpose of showing off a full head of hair. The scalp is sensitive, too, so allergies there are of special concern.


Micropigmentation can cause skin infections. The chance of this is relatively high. Allergies are problems that occur for the person inside their system and then result in obvious symptoms outwardly. An infection can be so serious it could be lethal and not just hard to look at. Poor hygiene and blood disorders can contribute to the most serious infections as a side effect of SMP.


There are hundreds of men who have reported inflammation following SMP treatment. Inflammation can lead to problems like granulomas which are small raised bumps on the scalp. It can also lead to keloids which are larger raised growths that result from an overgrowth of scar tissue. Inflammation problems are not always common but they can occur after SMP treatments.

Bloodborne Diseases

Bloodborne, serious diseases can occur after a person becomes infected. If a contaminated needle is used when doing the SMP it could cause you to become infected with a bloodborne disease like MRSA or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or hepatitis B or C. If you want to avoid this chance altogether, we suggest that you stay away from scalp micro pigmentation treatments.

MRI Complications

During magnetic imaging resonance exams, the areas being scanned can become swollen where tattoos or permanent makeup appear. This can occur even with scalp micro pigmentation can cause interference with the scan and the results obtained.

The above are the main side effects that have occurred following scalp micro pigmentation. Even if you think your chances are low of experiencing them, consider the additional drawbacks of SMP:

Color Changes

The difference between the tattoo ink used and the resulting hair color can be significant. Most SMP color problems occur after treatment from an untrained SMP practitioner but there is always a chance it can happen even with a well-trained practitioner.

SMP Experts

Scalp micro pigmentation is a special skill. Not all practitioners have the ability to pull the treatment off well. It can be hard to find real experts in the practice.


Once the application has been done, it is permanent. You can shave your existing hair off but you will always have the appearance of a buzz cut due to the pigmentation.

Although, its not all doom and gloom there are some pro’s to the SMP Treatment

These include

  • The inexpensive cost relative to hair transplants,
  • Also it is a one off cost,
  • Little to no upkeep once done
  • It can conceal varying forms of alopecia and general hair thinning
men units Charlotte

Is A Man Weave the way to go?

Man weave and hair units may be a Better option Than Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Hair replacement system don’t have the side effects and they allow a man to keep styling his hair the way he wants.

Hair systems have the following major benefits:

  • These hair units are made of 100 percent human hair so you are guaranteed you are going to have a natural look
  • Hair units are totally customizable so you can always get them to meet your specific needs
  • They are easy to wear and maintain 
  • Today’s hair systems stay in place in the water and at the gym
  • Modern hair systems are available at affordable prices
  • You can have the hairstyle you want with today’s hair systems

We suggest that you choose a hair system over SMP or other medical treatment. There are thousands of men who would agree with us. Take a look at the hair system we offer which is changing the lives of men everywhere.

Email us today to get more details or to find out how to order your hair system!

Rediscover your confidence

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Rediscover your confidnce

Find a trusted hair replacement specialist

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