Weave for women with alopecia

I have always had thin and breakage-prone hair. I do not suffer from hereditary Alopecia, but I have experienced times of intense hair loss, and some in my family suffer from Traction Alopecia.

I’ve got through my times of hair loss and thinning by manipulating my hair-less and wearing wigs. Now, I can wear my hair in a wrap!


1. Man weave or hair system for alopecia

 It’s important to remember that if you are looking for weave inspiration for Alopecia sufferers, not all weave is suitable. For example, lace-front wigs will be too painful to put on your head. Also, weave that needs to be glued or sewn into your hair can grab at the hairs on top of your head and pull them out.

Once you have found a weave that is appropriate for your Alopecia, it can become a great way to cover up hair-less patches! I recommend the Twisted weave (or Curly weave) because it is very comfortable and easy to put on. You can even sleep in the weave! To create the Twisted weave, simply take a weave cap and add large twists to it to form your weave! For more information about how to do this weave click here: http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Twisted-Weave  

2. Wig –  Whether you prefer to wear weave or wigs, Alopecia sufferers can still create wonderful hairstyles with long hair or short! If the weave is not so comfortable on your head, here are some tips for wearing a wig:

Wearing a wig cap is essential when wearing a weave or wig.

Cover the weave with the wig cap so that it does not fall off

3. Hair accessories – Alopecia sufferers do not always have to wear weave! We can still rock cute headbands, hats, and many other hair accessories! This is my favorite way of wearing my hair because it’s fun, casual, and lets me feel like myself again!

Rediscover your confidence

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Rediscover your confidnce

Find a trusted hair replacement specialist

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