A Wig Or Hair Replacement System for Balding Men?


1. Smaller Bald Spots

No matter what option you ultimately go with, it can be a very expensive proposition dealing with baldness. While transplantation is something that can offer you complete restoration, a lot of men look to void it because of the high cost associated with it. They typically go ahead and place it with a hair system to save money. One of the most common hair systems you’ll find in the marketplace is a wig. This is something that can cover the entirety of the scalp. However, if you only have a couple of bald spots or even one, buying a wig likely isn’t going to be necessary. If you’ve experienced some hair loss around the crown area, you’re likely better off buying a hair system. That way, you can save costs and you can spend more of that money on medication that can help curb your hair loss. You won’t need to worry about how your hair looks because it will blend in very well with your existing hair which can boost the appearance of your hair’s volume.

2. Are You Looking To Maintain a Natural Hairstyle?

Whenever you are bald, you will be faced with this decision. Are you looking to either wear a wig or a hair replacement system? If you’re someone that brags about having amazing natural-looking hairstyles, a wig is not going to be ideal. While you can find wigs that can imitate hairstyles, they aren’t going to do so in the most natural way. Because of this, if you are after natural hairstyles, you’ll want to go with something that doesn’t cover your existing hair. As long as your existing hair isn’t thinning too much, it’s a better idea to go for a hair replacement system instead. That way, you can cover the baldness without negatively impacting the look and feel of your hair.

3. Crown Baldness

A hair replacement system is something that tends to look best when it’s connected directly to the crown. A lot of the hair system is used to cover the balding crown area. Thus, if you are dealing with hair loss towards the top portion of your scalp, you’ll find a hair replacement system is the best option to cover it up. Whereas, a wig would be a good alternative if you are dealing with balding on both sides and the back of your head.

4. You Don't Want To Spend Time Applying Stuff

A wig is a reliable system. However, it also comes with a very tedious and cumbersome application process and it can be difficult to remove. A wig tends to be large enough to cover your head, but it requires a lot of adjustments and glue to get it to stay well-positioned. When you are dealing with a much smaller men’s hair replacement system, you have a lot more flexibility and the ease of application is much smoother because of it. Because the hair replacement system only covers the top portion of the scalp, you don’t need to spend too much time with its application. It’s better to change the hair system if you’re not willing to apply glue directly to the scalp and the wig and have to continue to adjust it.

5. Your Scalp Is Sensitive

If you are a sensitive person, you are likely going to feel much more comfortable when you are wearing a smaller size and more flexible men’s hair system over a wig. After all, it’s much smaller and it won’t feel directly affixed to your scalp. Along with this, it’s much lighter than a full-blown wig. Therefore, it’s going to place a lot less pressure on your neck, shoulders, and head. While wigs can be light, they are likely to cause some level of discomfort especially when they are long-haired versions.


There are plenty of different reasons to go with a men’s hair system. For those with smaller bald spots that they want to cover, a hair system from Ace Man Weave Units is recommended. That way, you can save yourself from having to spend more on a wig that isn’t needed. It can also save you a lot of time and frustration because it’s much easier to apply correctly. Also, it can offer you a much more natural aesthetic which can be a major benefit for the majority of men who are dealing with a loss of self-confidence due to hair loss. It also happens to be a much more comfortable option than a wig.

Rediscover your confidence

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Rediscover your confidnce

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