Sweating and the Man Weave: Can Your Hair System Withstand Physical Activity

SWEATING AND THE MAN WEAVE: CAN YOUR HAIR SYSTEM WITHSTAND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Introduction The man weave trend has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with many men opting for the natural-looking hair extensions as a solution to thinning or receding hair. But for those who are active in their daily lives, the question […]

A Wig Or Hair Replacement System for Balding Men?

A WIG OR HAIR REPLACEMENT SYSTEM FOR BALDING MEN? 1. Smaller Bald Spots No matter what option you ultimately go with, it can be a very expensive proposition dealing with baldness. While transplantation is something that can offer you complete restoration, a lot of men look to void it because of the high cost associated with it. […]

Why You Should Consider the Man Weave

WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THE MAN WEAVE Introduction No matter how you look at it, long luxurious hair has always been a symbol of virility and manliness and can go a long way in boosting male confidence. Whether you are looking to get longer, curlier, or more voluminous hair, there is an answer for you. […]

Can Minoxidil Really Help With Beard Growth?

CAN MINOXIDIL REALLY HELP WITH BEARD GROWTH? Introduction Beard growth is a common goal for many men, but not everyone is blessed with the ability to grow a thick, full beard. Genetics play a major role in determining the rate and thickness of beard growth, but there are also external factors that can affect it. […]


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