Dealing with Alopecia Barbae: Understanding and Treating Beard Hair Loss

Dealing with Alopecia Barbae: Understanding and TreatingBeard Hair Loss IntroductionAre you tired of patchy, thinning facial hair? If you’re struggling with beard hair loss, also known as alopecia barbae, you’re not alone. While it’s completely normal for men to experience some degree of hair loss as they age, alopecia barbae can be particularly distressing for […]

Covering Up Bald Spots

Bald spot on mans head

Tips for Hiding Bald Spots IntroductionFor the most part, bald spots are unavoidable. Throughout the years, just about everyone will experience thinning. It will usually happen on the sides of their head or on the crown. Remember, you don’t have to accept your hair going thin when you’re younger than 40 years old. Men of […]


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